Winter Swim Bookings


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PLEASE NOTE: You can only successfully book a Winter Swim if you are a Gold or Silver Member. Pay As You Swim members need to email so that we can upgrade you if you wish to swim through the winter.

Some important safety information:

  • Our Winter Season begins when the water temperature drops below 12C. It is for this reason that we ask that only those experienced in outdoor swimming with knowledge of cold water immersion and adaptation join us throughout the cooler months.
  • After drop refers to the decline in your core body temperature upon leaving cold water. Getting changed into warm clothes including a hat as quickly as possible and having a warm drink is a must.
  • Please remember that the colder it is, the less time you should be spending in the water. As a rule of thumb, one minute per degree is advised unless you have extensive cold water acclimatisation.
  • Wetsuits will be required for all swimmers, unless very experienced in cold water swimming. You can hire a wetsuit on site from £10 per session. The other required safety equipment for winter swimming includes: tow float, changing robe, neoprene gloves and socks, decent ear plugs and winter swim hat all suitable for winter swimming.
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