Save on Adaptogenic Coffee

Their blends are designed to help you stay balanced and flow through your day. They give you all the benefits of regular coffee whilst minimising side effects such as jitters, anxiety and a crash.

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Coffee blends with adaptogens/mushrooms

Made with the highest-quality medicinal mushroom extracts and other adaptogens, each blend is designed for a specific purpose:

Flow for mental clarity and focus

Zen to alleviate stress & anxiety

Mojo for a natural boost

Mojo contains Cordyceps mushroom which is known to increase aerobic capacity, and oxygen flow around your body and also to boost ATP – our energy molecule. You can read more about their blends and the adaptogens they contain on their website.

Is Mushroom Coffee healthier than regular coffee?

Since coffee beans are filtered out in the brewing process, only a small amount of soluble fibre passes into the final beverage. The addition of mushroom powder to mushroom coffee provides significantly more fibre that supports the growth of beneficial bacteria and contributes to healthy gut flora.

Use the code “diverscove” to enjoy 15% off your order.

Is Mushroom Coffee Healthy?

Mushroom coffee may well help to boost your immune system – a great additional support in the winter months. This is because the bio compounds in the mushrooms help reduce inflammation, and high levels of inflammation can lead to illness. Mushroom coffee may also help to protect against chronic diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

Why adaptogens and coffee?

There are good synergies between caffeine and adaptogens and many of our customers usually sensitive to caffeine find they enjoy our blends, especially Zen. 

Adaptogens help balance physical and mental stressors in our minds and body. Caffeine can help increase our alertness and attention (by blocking our adenosine receptors, which make us drowsy) – it can also increase our cortisol levels (our stress hormone) which can result in jitters/anxiety.

Adaptogens can help balance our cortisol levels, ensuring we get the benefits from coffee whilst minimising any side effects. Caffeine is also absorbed quickly, which may result in a crash and adaptogens can help give us sustained energy levels without a crash – plus they have additional health benefits too!

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